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We generally need at least a week’s notice in order to participate. We will get back to you as soon as we can and let you know if we can accommodate you.

As much as we would love to UMedics doesn’t currently have the capacity to support chapters outside of Chicago. If this changes in the near future we will make sure that supporters know. We encourage you to seek training and information on whichever health topics you think are important in your community. We also encourage you to survey the assets in your local area to see if there is work happening that is similar to UMedics that just hasn’t gotten this level of publicity. Collectively, the co-founders had experience that included training in street medic work, wilderness survival, CERT team, doula, nursing, and several years based in grassroots community & youth organizing before starting UMedics. If you happen to be in California, you really want to reach out to People’s Community Medics in Oakland, CA.

That is wonderful, and thank you for wanting to serve your community! We occasionally have prospective member meetings for joining our collective, the complexity of our work demands much intentional building, rather than occasional volunteers. We will get in touch with you about when they are coming up. UMedics was created to serve the Black communities of Chicago, and is part of a long tradition of community work for racial justice and self-determination. Membership is open to people who are of African descent. We have a great relationship with Chicago Action Medical, a mulitracial street medic collective based here, among other organizations that can use your talent and dedication if you are not of African descent and want to get involved.

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